Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A visit from the grandparents...

As mentioned in my previous post, my mom and dad were up for a few days. Wythe and Ainsley were very happy to see them because grandma and granddaddy never fail to spoil them!

Ainsley has been especially fussy for the last month or so with all this teething she is doing. Do you think she was fussy when grandma was here??? No, she was a perfect angel. Figures.

Mom brought a fruit pizza for dessert. We had to take a picture it was so pretty. Not too pretty to eat though, our motto for pretty food is 'take a picture to document the loveliness then dig in!'

Dad and Peter were able to work on the addition, they moved the gas water heater and worked on the attic fans. They also moved some light switches so now I have to flip every switch on and off trying to figure out what switch operates what light, it is like being in someone elses house.

'til next time...

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