Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toddler talk...

Wythe is really starting to expand his vocabulary, he still doesn't say many words but he is starting to try to repeat things that we say. He has his 2 year appointment soon so hopefully the doctor will be pleased with his progress. I still think he has the ability to speak but not the desire or perhaps the need to. Oddly enough, when he does say something it is more likely to be a short sentence than a word.

He has started saying "truck" again, so now everything is a truck, although I am 90% sure that he said "car" the other day. He definitely knows the difference between the two. He has a bunch of Matchbox vehicles that he plays with a lot. Sometimes when we are picking up toys I will say "Wythe, hand me your cars". Several times when I have included a truck in that request he will stand there and say "truck, truck, truck" until I say "Wythe, please hand me the truck." Then he brings the trucks right over. It is funny that despite his limited vocabulary he can still correct me!

He really likes Winnie The Pooh, one of his sentences has been "I a woozle". We can usually get him to say it by asking "Wythe, are you a heffalump??"  He will laugh and say "I a woozle!"

He has one phrase that I haven't been able to translate into English yet, "ajah woo". This can be said as a question, "ajah woo???" or as an exclamation "AJAH WOO!!" or just a statement, over and over again. I really wish I could figure out what he means when he says that, maybe one day soon!

It is so exciting to see him trying to say more words, still waiting for the favorite one though, "mommy" or "mama", have yet to hear that and I have been waiting and waiting!

Ainsley is starting to babble a lot so maybe they will encourage each other to speak!

'til next time...

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