Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally...some snow!

We continue the house search.  We have been looking at a house that is near where we currently live. It would be a great walk for Peter,  close to shops, not our favorite neighborhood, ugly house but great back yard.  We are also considering another house that  is very similar, ugly, needs lots of work but fantastic yard.  This house backs up to the train track....built in entertainment for the kids!

We continued our tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day at home with a store bought meal.  Normally this would be a Wegmans meal but.....sniff....sniff.....I had to look elsewhere.  Have I mentioned how much I miss Wegmans?  Anyway,  I found some delicious food for our dinner so all was well. 

We don't normally give gifts at Valentine's Day but the kids made me a necklace.  It is custom made, very unique.  After wearing it for awhile I begin to suspect there was an ulterior motive for adding the bells to the necklace.  Zero chance of me sneaking up on them!

We are finally getting some snow!  I'm happy!  My husband....not so much.

First, we got a little bit.

Then, a little more.

The house we are living in has 3 fireplaces, wonderful way to warm up when you come in from the cold.  Whether from playing in the snow or from walking home from work!

Ainsley wearing my coat from when I was little

'til next time...