Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and no sleep...

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family this year. We went down to my parents house and my brother and his son came over for the day. Between my mom and I we fixed enough food for about 15 people instead of 6, needless to say we didn’t go hungry! Wythe and Kelston had a lot of fun playing together, even though they are 4 years apart they still had a lot of fun! Kelston would chase Wythe around and we would hear shrieks of laughter.

Ainsley and cousin Kelston

Ainsley and granddaddy

We continue to adapt to having a toddler and newborn in the house, I am learning to survive on 3-4 hours of sleep a night. Ainsley is a pretty good sleeper but so far she and Wythe have taken turns sleeping, which means I don’t get a turn. Wythe is doing better with Ainsley, he is still very rough with her and has to be closely monitored but he is obviously attached to her and knows she belongs here. In the morning when he gets up her looks for her and if she starts crying he stops whatever he is doing and goes to her. At first he just cried whenever she cried but now he is trying to comfort her. He will try to put her paci in her mouth, usually by shoving whatever part he can into her mouth, or he will lay his head on her giving her some “love”, if all else fails he just covers her face with a blanket!

big brother giving little sister her pacifier

Wythe continues to improve his walking skills, he is losing the stiff legged gait and has even tried out climbing!

'til next time...