Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The second "1st Birthday Party"...

Wythe was a lucky boy and got to have a 2nd "first birthday" party. One of his friends in his playgroup was born 3 days after Wythe so we decided to have a joint party for the kiddos. We had the party on Saturday the 17th at a new park in Marshall. The day was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and very cool for July. The children got to play for awhile, the favorite toy of the day was a push wagon. They all took turns pushing and riding in the wagon. Wythe even pushed it a little, that was the first time we had seen him walking upright like a bi-ped, it was neat!  We had BBQ for the adults to eat and the kiddos had their own food.
The theme of the party was jungle animals.  I made matching "jungle" cakes for the birthday boys, I think they turned out pretty cute! Wythe was very careful with his cake again, he ate some and got his feet in the side but really didn’t dig in. His buddy wasn't shy about it and at one point was two-fisting the cake, he was taking full advantage of this opportunity to eat cake! It was a fun time to see Wythe celebrate his birthday with his friends!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One year later...

My darling little boy,

Today you are one year old!  Part of me can't believe that you have been with us for a year and the other part of me cannot imagine not knowing you. It is so hard to think back one year ago, the fear, the apprehension, the doubts of whether I was really in labor, getting to the hospital having the nursing staff take over and tell me that you were going to be born today! Then the hours that I will probably never forget, hours of absolute agony and misery, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because those hours brought me you! I would do it all over, I would do it 10x over, for you.
You are my firstborn, my son, my sunshine, you make me happier than I could imagine and more frightened that I ever could have thought.
I will love you forever birthday boy!


                                                         Wythe-one day old

Wythe-one year old

Monday, July 6, 2009

1st birthday party...

On the 4th of July weekend we invited some family and neighbors over for a cookout/birthday party for Wythe. We held it out back on the patio and stayed dry thanks to a tarp being draped over the top of the pergola. Actually, the rain didn’t last very long but it was misty for a while so the tarp was still nice. Since the tarp was bright blue it gave the impression of being blue sky! The temperature cooled down so much that some people were wearing jackets, who would have guessed that you would need a jacket on July 5th?? We had planned on having homemade ice-cream for dessert thinking everyone would love that on a hot, summer day! We did enjoy it, as long as you had a jacket on! While preparing for the party I was blowing up some balloons, I learned then that my son was terrified of balloons! I had planning on having balloons hanging from the top of the pergola, creating a balloon ceiling, but realized that could be traumatic to the little guy on his birthday! So the balloons went on the fence, far away from the party and out of Wythe's sight!

Wythe wasn’t sure what to do with his cake. At first he kept looking at me as if to say “Am I really allowed to touch this? Normally I’m not allowed to play with my food…” When he got a taste of the icing though he became a fan of sugar! He would stick his finger in the cake then lick the icing off but he didn’t really dive into it like I thought he might. At one point he leaned forward as if to do a face plant but then just inspected the cake. He did enjoy it though, and I’m sure the next day he was wondering why he had to go back to eating boring old healthy food. We had a great time with everyone and Wythe loved all his new toys!


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