Monday, October 13, 2014

Trip to Williamsburg...

We took the kids to Williamsburg for a few days this fall.  It was kind of strange headed off on "vacation" when our lives were in such turmoil but we had booked this trip before Peter was out of work so it didn't make sense to let it go to waste.

The first day we were there it poured rain.  One of those soaked-to-the-skin kind of rains, parts of the area got over 10 inches of rain that day, many areas were flooded. We tried to tour some buildings but we mainly ended up taking shelter in buildings for extended periods of time. Pretty soon we were miserably wet and decided to head back to the hotel where we changed into dry clothes and began the process of trying to dry out jeans with a hair dryer!
Over the next couple days we explored the town in between rain storms.  This was the first time Wythe was able to go into the Wythe house.  The tour guide spent a little time telling him how George Wythe taught his students and showed him some of the materials he would have used.

The Wythe House
Wythe in the gardens of the Wythe House

Ainsley in the gardens of the Wythe House

W&A in the gardens at the Governors Palace

Wythe got to see a carriage bearing the crest of George Wythe, it is stored in the carriage house at the Governors Palace.  Both kids were much more interested in standing on the carriage block than touring the Palace so we never made it inside for the tour. The gardens are impressive and more fun anyway! 

After all the rain there were many opportunities to play in water, a good portion of our time was spent floating leaves down the drains.

And jumping into the seemingly endless amount of puddles......  Now, I am normally do not mind my kids playing in puddles.  But the puddles in Colonial Williamsburg are a little different than your average city puddle.  Mainly because the roads are full of horse droppings so the puddles are basically liquid manure.  After your children have splashed in the puddles for awhile they reek of manure!  That was interesting to try and wash their shoes and clothes in the hotel sink!

For awhile they were having fun running and jumping in the same puddle to see who could do the best splash.  At one point they both jumped into a very little puddle, cracked their skulls together and crashed to the pavement.  Lots of wailing ensued, so much so, that General George Washington rode his horse over to check on them.  Having the big man on horseback talking to them actually just made them cry harder, General Washington deciding it would be easier to command his army than to calm down my children, turned and rode back to his men. 

W & A at the Capitol

huge tree in the courtyard of the Capitol

W & A burning off some energy before touring the Capitol

One of the nice benefits of Williamsburg is that they offer this free babysitting service while the parents go to dinner, excellent amenity!

Wythe wanted to see mom in the stocks, Ainsley wasn't amused, she was very upset and attempted to release me before we could even pose for a picture. 

stunning flowers in many of the gardens

Wythe refers to Williamsburg as "my town" and frequently tells us that when he grows up he is going to be the "boss of this town".  Must be nice to have your career path decided by age six......
Wythe, in front of "his store" in "his town"

And a few more pictures....just because....

'til next time...