Friday, August 8, 2008

First month of parenthood...

Wythe was a high maintenance baby from day one. When we brought him home from the hospital he cried non-stop for a couple days. But we were head-over-heels in love with the screaming little creature. Somehow that makes all the sleepless nights ok. He was jaundiced when he was born so he had to go back to the doctor a few days after his birth for more blood work, thankfully he was improving and didn’t have to go back to the hospital. At that appointment we found out that he was dehydrated and losing too much weight because he wasn’t getting enough to eat. Needless to say Mommy felt terrible about that but we started to supplement with formula and he really began to thrive! We doted on him, and thought every breath he took was amazing! He cried a lot but every time he was happy or sleeping I took pictures of him, just couldn't get enough! He wanted to be held constantly and the only way to minimize the screaming was to hold him and walk the floor, I soon got used to doing everything with a baby in one arm or strapped to me.

Cousin Kelston meeting Wythe

this is my favorite picture of my beautiful baby

Wythe in the corn

bath time was not popular

this was his favorite place to be, he ended up co-sleeping with us

this teddy bear played the heartbeat sound, Wythe loved to sleep with it

'til next time...