Sunday, January 31, 2010

Family Reunion...

My sister Kara and her husband came out for a visit. Aunt Kara hadn’t seen Wythe since he was 3 months old so she was excited to see him and to meet Ainsley! They spent the weekend with us and then went to Richmond for the week.

Aunt Kara with Ainsley and Wythe

We went to Richmond that Friday to celebrate Matthew and Dad’s birthday and inadvertently exposed everyone to the stomach bug! We weren’t feeling well that day but thought we might have had food poisoning since we all got sick at the same time. I was feeling ok by the time we went to Richmond but Peter was still feeling rough. Since everyone else got sick a couple of days later we had to conclude that we had a stomach bug and not food poisoning. Poor Kara and Roger got it while trying to drive straight home to Texas, instead of 22 hours their tortuous trip took 55 hours! However, we had a good time despite the sickness.                                                                

We hadn’t had that much family together in years!

Kara and Roger and their “child”.

We had dinner together then later had cake while Matthew and dad opened their birthday presents.

me, Amelia and Kara

Kelston and Wythe

Once again, Kelston and Wythe had fun playing together, Kelston would chase Wythe and they would run, shrieking with laughter through the house!

Kelston holding Ainsley

The siblings - me, Matthew & Kara

Wythe - enjoying one of Uncle Matt's birthday gifts

Wythe chillin' with Uncle Roger

Ainsley & Aunt Kara

Ainsley is ready to go home

'til next time...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Addition update...

The addition project continues…

We had hoped to have it done in 2009 and for awhile Peter was making great progress but then we had a discouraging inspection and the momentum got derailed. The county inspector is requiring a lot of additional items that were not required on the approved plans, it is all stuff that can be done by Peter but it added a lot of work.

Peter decided to focus on finishing some projects inside the house such as re-tiling the entrance floor and re-tiling the shower wall where we had to remove the window for the addition. They both turned out very nice. The tile in the living room is particularly nice. It was previously a blue and while tile, we changed it to a darker green, taupe, burgundy tile. Our new woodstove also arrived and we are enjoying the “free” heat from that!

 As far as the addition goes the next big project is the drywall but we have to pass the inspection to do drywall. So Peter is working on finishing the laundry room area so that we can relocate the washer, dryer and hot water heaters. That will enable him to complete the electricity for the inspection.

"Wythe playing in what will be the new piano room"

looking into the bedroom

from the bedroom looking at the bathroom(left) and closet(right)

"hmmm...daddy won't miss a few of these..."

"let me climb on up and check that out for you, dad..."

‘til next time…

My kids are growing up...

I am amazed everyday how quickly they are changing. Wythe is turning into such the little boy, I just love his crazy hair. It does need to be trimmed but I love it! I can’t believe he is 18 months old already.

gotta love the hair!

Ainsley will be 3 months this month, her personality is really starting to show. She is a happy girl, I think she is going to be a little goofball! She has the most impish looks on her face!

my little elf

'til next time...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miss Ainsley...

This was my christening gown, handmade by my grandmother. I would like to get her picture taken at a studio but thought I should take a few pictures in case I don’t make it to the studio.

'til next time...