Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hen house intruder

This morning I went out to gather the eggs from the chicken house.  It was dim in the house as I hadn't turned on any lights.  I bent down to get eggs out of one nesting box and just as my hand started reaching under the hen I had the thought "I don't have any hens that brownish-grey color" As my hand touched the hen and I felt course hair rather than soft feathers I quickly realized this was not one of my hens. I leaned down to take a closer look and this lump of brownish-grey fur turned and hissed at me.  I did what any self-respecting chicken owner would do.....squealed and yelled for my husband!

The opossum didn't harm the chickens, he did feast on the eggs though. My guess is he was more scared of the chickens than they were of him.  He did put up a fight when trying to get him out of the hen house.  He did not want to leave the buffet bar!

'til next time...