Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial weekend...

Wow, what a fun, busy, busy weekend!

Saturday morning Peter played golf with one of his golfing buddy's, who is the brother of our neighbor. That evening to went to our neighbors house for a cookout and the give the guys time to hash and rehash their game! (just kidding)  It was a nice evening so we sat out on the back patio, I set Ainsley in the chair beside me and she was as happy as a clam the whole evening. I think she really enjoys being "part of the group". Since Peter's golfing buddy and I both had birthday's that week we had a carrot cake fixed for us. Yummy! And of course there was leftovers to take home!

Sunday we had some neighbors over for brunch and mimosas. I had the fleeting thought of fixing a breakfast casserole or omelets or cinnamon rolls, but in the end logic prevailed and I kept it simple. Scrambled eggs, bacon, strawberries, coffee, mimosas and cheesecake. They had given me the cheesecake for my birthday so we had that instead of pastries! It's hard to start a day off better than with mimosas!

 Later that afternoon we went over to some friends house for a cookout. It was another nice evening so we sat out on the lawn and ate and visited. Wythe and their little boy Jack played in the pool and ran around the yard. I hadn't brought a change of clothes for Wythe but my sweet friend was able to supply us with clothing and diapers! They cooked sausages on the grill, I hadn't had grilled sausages in so long, they were delicious! My friend fixed a lemon pound cake with an orange  flavored frosting drizzled with chocolate. It was so good, one of those cakes you just want to grab and run away with so that you can eat it all by yourself!

I would love to take Wythe to see Rolling Thunder. He gets so excited whenever he sees a Harley, I think his little head would just explode to see so many!  Maybe when he's a little older and the noise won't damage his ears. That is one reason I'm looking forward to the kids growing up, it will be fun to take them to see the parades and ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.

This morning I took Wythe over to our neighbors to swim with his little playmate. They have a little pool set up on their back deck. The nice part is the pool has a cover on it so the kids can be in the shade. It was really hot today so we were all trying to stay in the shade. Ainsley was too little to get in the pool but I would sit her in there from time to time to keep her from getting too hot.

This afternoon we went to one of Wythe's friends house for a cookout. They had a pool set up too so Wythe got to swim again. This time he had two girls to play with in the pool. He seems to be getting more used to the pool, he would sit down and splash around, looked much more comfortable. We had a great time visiting with our friends but when we got home this evening I could tell we had had a fun, busy weekend, we were all worn out!

Wythe, Abbie & Carson

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

'til next time...

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