Friday, May 21, 2010

Georgia on my mind...

Last Thursday night we headed to Georgia. Normally the kids sleep well in their car seats so we had the great idea of leaving in the evening and driving through the night. I had this silly plan to be all ready to go on Wednesday so that on Thursday I could relax, take a nap with the kids, etc. Silly me!! In reality I was rushing around all day like a chicken with my head cut off. We planned to leave at 8 but we were a little late getting away, then we headed off towards Richmond. Wythe stayed awake the whole way there, that was an omen for things to come!  We got to Richmond, to my parents house and traded vehicles with them. They have a minivan and we knew it would make for a more comfortable ride. We got the luggage and car seats moved over and started out. Wythe was excited for a while, he could see all the trucks and lights and it was very exciting for him, so exciting that he didn't go to sleep UNTIL 4:30AM!!!  Unfortunately for us he cried a lot of that time, but he finally passed out.

Ainsley did better, she slept off and on and seemed to enjoy the car trip. She was a little mad to be in her car seat, she would have rather been in the front seat!

I would like to write the details of our trip but for now I'm just going to give the edited version. Unfortunately we all got sick on this trip, so parts of it seem rather fuzzy.
We stopped in Athens Friday morning and saw a Peter's sister, (we will call her Sister J) and one of Peter's  nephews. We were happy we got to see Sister J's house and visit with her and her son. After a short visit there we got back in the car and headed into Atlanta. We went to Sister M's house and got to see more family! Sister M, sister-in-law J and Sister R!  We were pretty tired having driven all night so we had a pretty quiet afternoon. Shortly after arriving we unloaded our bags, I wanted to get the playpens set up and see if we could get the kids down for a nap. The kids didn't want to go down for a nap, their schedules were all messed up already!  I tried taking them for a walk around the neighborhood but that didn't seem to calm them down.
That evening we had an adults dinner out at a charming little restaurant called "Feast". Sister M arranged for a babysitter so the adults were able to enjoy a "quiet" dinner. I was a little apprehensive about leaving the kids with a sitter, especially considering that their routine was all messed up but they did fine! They didn't sleep well that night though, poor Ainsley was sick and up coughing most the night. I had to walk around with her for hours because she would cry and cry if you tried to lay her down.
Saturday late morning we took the kids for a walk and went to the park. Wythe went down the slide once, but that was enough for him!

Wythe needing a nap, daddy trying to get him to relax on the porch swing

That afternoon was the party at Sister M's house to celebrate her graduation of her doctorate. They had a steel drum band, lots of food, great weather and about 125 guests, it was a fabulous party!


Sunday we headed back to Athens. We spent the day with Sister J and Sister D's family and then spent the night at Sister D's. That evening to realized we had a nail in our tire so Peter had to get that fixed. We ended up getting up early and heading home Monday morning. We were feeling so rough that all we could think about was getting home and in our own beds!

We are really glad that we went, despite getting sick. It was  great to see everyone and we are looking forward to going back and getting a good visit in!

'til next time...

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