Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bathroom re-do...

I finally....and I mean FINALLY, got the bathroom painted. I had primed the walls a while back. (By "a while" I mean "months") and had never gotten around to finishing it. Painting is tricky with two little ones and after priming I lost the motivation to finish. But my hubby is currently working on the Sheetrock in the addition so....very soon I will have lots of painting to do. I figured if I didn't get the bathroom out of the way now I was going to be sunk.

So for the past couple days I have focused on painting. I worked really hard when the kids were napping and after they went to bed and when they were awake I played the part of the clown. Paint brush in one hand, shaking a toy/rattle with the other hand, singing silly songs and hopping on one foot, all to keep the munchkins entertained whilst I painted. The hardest part of the project was the stripes,  it took longer to tape for the stripes than it took to do all the painting. I first tried to just use a guide for the stripes because I didn't want a clean line, I wanted the edge to "bleed" a little. But my roller was pretty rough and instead of the edge "bleeding" it was just jagged. I tried to touch it up by hand but eventually gave up and taped.

I am happy with the way it turned out although it has a little but of a carnival tent feel to it. I wish I had a real "before" picture of the bathroom. I thought I did but can't locate one. This bathroom used to have a 4' x 4' window in the shower that looked out on the backyard. There was not a curtain or shade on the window and we had a glass shower enclosure, so it was truly a window to the world. We were used to the window and really didn't think about it but guests were usually pretty uncomfortable with it. I admit I did have a few potentially embarrassing moments in the shower. Twice while I was showering a neighbor came driving through the back yard on his tractor. I had to crouch down in the shower and hide until he left. Another time when I was pregnant with Wythe I was taking a bath. I let the water out of the tub only to discover that Peter and a neighbor were standing right outside of the window so I couldn't stand up to get out of the shower. There was no way I could maneuver my 9 months pregnant belly over the side of the tub and slither out so I just sat there, in the empty tub, for about 20 minutes waiting for them to move away from the window.  When the window was there I had the walls painted a pale yellow and it was a very bright and airy room, now it is now so completely different that it is almost shocking when you go into the room. The reason we no longer have the window is because of the addition, the closet in the addition is behind that wall now.

Before pictures
("before" meaning - before painting but after removing window from shower, re-tiling shower, removing glass shower enclosure, and putting primer over pale yellow paint)

After pictures

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