Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Addition update...

It has been awhile since I have posted an update. In April we had our re-inspection and passed! The only item that didn't pass was the shower drain, for the obvious reason that it isn't installed yet. That is one of those catch 22 things, you can't install the flooring until you pass inspection but we can't install the shower drain until we start setting the tile floor. The reason behind this is that we are doing an open shower in our bathroom, no enclosure, curtain, etc. To make it work the floor has to slope very slightly towards the drain, so that is why we can't set the drain yet. Once Peter explained this to the inspector he understood so he will come back to look at the drain with we get to that point.

So...since the inspection was passed the wonderful job of Sheetrock installed can begin!  Sheetrock and painting are very high on Peter's list of "Things I would be happy to never ever do again in my life". He doesn't mind as much putting the Sheetrock up but hates the mudding and sanding. But we are to the point that he can't put it off anymore...the walls must go up!  He has almost all the Sheetrock on the walls and has made significant progress with the first coat of mud. However, this can be a never ending process of mudding/sanding, mudding/sanding...etc.,etc. Once this is done then it is my responsibility to start painting. We are going to do most of the painting and then start installing the flooring. Peter will be doing hardwood floors like he has done in the rest of the house.

Progress is definitely being made but we still have quite a ways to go. The painting, flooring, trim work, etc. it all time consuming and I am not a fast painter these days so that may slow us down.

Looking from old laundry room into addition. The wall between the old laundry room and the kitchen will be removed creating an entrance from the kitchen area into the addition. The new laundry room is to the right. The door to the back yard is to the left. This door will go to a walkway that will connect with the back patio.

new laundry room

looking from the door of the bedroom towards the piano room, there will be french doors in that opening

Looking from the bedroom door, piano room (left) bedroom (right). There is an area in front of the piano room that is kind of like a foyer into the bedroom.

Looking from the "foyer" area into the bedroom. Piano room is to the right, and the doors ahead are the bathroom and closet.

Looking from "foyer" area straight ahead into bedroom. The bed will go in between those two windows.

Looking from the side wall of the bedroom towards the bath and closet. Bed will be to the right, the door on the left is the bath and the door on the right in the closet. Foyer area and piano room are to the left, out of view.

Bathroom - large soaking tub goes under the window. The toilet does not go there, it will be on the opposite side of the room. The vanity and sink goes where the toilet is sitting. The shower area will be in the far right corner.

Looking into the bathroom, the shower is in the back corner, the toilet sits kind of where the bags of concrete are but behind a half wall.

Looking from the bedroom towards the "foyer" area. You can see the closet door to the left. The bed will be directly behind me. The piano room is off the foyer area to the right and the bedroom door is to the left of the window straight ahead.

another view looking from the bedroom. This one you can see the bedroom door, you can also see that there is a little cutout in the wall to the left of the door. In that little niche I am putting a small love seat.

'til next time...

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