Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elf on a Shelf - Day One

I have had my eye on the Elf and decided that this year my kids might be old enough to understand.

The Elf didn't make his appearance until today.  I realize he usually shows up after Thanksgiving but I think he waited until we started decorating for Christmas. Can't really blame him, it is hard to be in the Christmas spirit in a house that isn't festive!

Last night, at bedtime, I read them the story of the Elf to plant the idea in their mind.

This morning my children were excited to see him, Wythe spotted him right away.  I explained to him that we had to pick a name for the Elf.  Wythe said his name was Notch, so Notch it is.  I am not sure where the name Notch came from, but hey, sounds like an Elf name to me!

'til next time...

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