Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf on a Shelf - Day Nineteen

I think Notch has a sweet tooth.  Maybe he needed something to go with his coffee. Either way, he was definitely into the sugar this morning.

Later in the day someone bumped the cabinet (again) and Notch tipped forward.  He didn't fall over (THANK GOD! Those calls to Santa are expensive) but he did spill some of the candy out of his bucket.

At first Wythe yelled "MOMMY, NOTCH JUST THREW CANDY AT ME!"

Then on second thought he realized that would be a good thing and changed it to "MOMMY, NOTCH IS GIVING ME CANDY!"  In the interest of not being rude, I let Wythe have a piece of the candy Notch had offered him.

I hope Notch will not make a habit of offering my children foods without asking first.

'til next time...

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