Sunday, December 11, 2011

Addition update - Christmas parties, Santa bread, picking paint colors and tile....always tile

 My eyes hurt.

I'm tired of looking at paint samples the size of your thumb nail and trying to envision what that will look like in an entire room.

Or looking at a piece of tile and trying to decide what this will look like on the wall.  Should it run in a straight line, run it off-set, on a diagonal? what color grout should we use?  where should the decorative pieces go?  Just when I think I have it figured out I find out that I need to change it.  I have redrawn the plans for the tile pattern many times but it seems that the basic design has been worked out.

The hours we have spent on this bathroom...I had better get some good soaks in that tub!

This weekend we had some friends over for a Christmas brunch and gift exchange for the kids. Once again we said "this will be the LAST party we hold in the addition!"   It would seem we are starting an annual tradition of saying "this is the last event we will hold in the future master bedroom", maybe this is indeed the last.  Looking at some pictures that were posted on Facebook I realized that it looked as though the kids were opening their presents on the diaper aisle at Walmart.

All those boxes are full of books from the bookcase that we just moved.  Oh well,  it could have been worse, the other boxes we had were all liquor boxes.  Better if the pictures look like we are holding a kids party on the diaper aisle rather than the liquor store.

"Santa bread"

'til next time...

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