Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas morning with two children...

Probably the last year the kids actually "sleep in" on Christmas morning.  We had no complaints, we were up all night wrapping gifts so we needed the hour of sleep.

Checking out the stockings....look at the pile of presents under that tree!

she is either really concentrating or half asleep

Wythe got some trains, Ainsley got a tiny cat figurine. "Better kiss that present little girl, it may be all you get!"

Peter & Wythe opening "Cranky the Crane"....not sure who is more excited.

"It is what I have wanted my whole life! All 3 years of it, or since I knew what trains were..."

"Seriously?  a bath towel?   Wythe got trains and trucks and I got a towel?"

the fun of Christmas morning, gifts to play with, paper and ribbons strewn on the floor and more gifts yet to open!

One of the best parts of Christmas?    Both of my children took a nap, AT THE SAME TIME, and slept for two hours!

We will now be celebrating Christmas on a weekly basis. 

Expensive?  Yes.   Worth the cost and hassle?  Absolutely. 

'til next time...


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