Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthdays, 4th of July's, fireworks, new toys and stuff like that...

Wow, what a busy weekend! This will probably be just the summary instead of the detail I normally give because I am about to crash!

Saturday we had a cookout in honor of the 4th of July and Wythe's 2nd birthday. My parents came up that morning to help out prior to the party. It seems no matter how much you plan and prepare there is always a last minute rush. The party started at 3:30, I had it set up on the patio again. In honor of the holiday everything was red, white and blue. If I continue to have Wythe's party in conjunction with the 4th he will grow up thinking that is the official birthday decor! We had invited a number of people but of course not everyone was able to come. I'll list the ones who were able to attend otherwise in a few months I'll be racking my brain trying to figure it out!
   Mom  & Dad, Julie and Andy, Molly and Sofia, Kirsten, Deb, Lowell & Paul, Margarita, Brandon & Gabriela, Katherine, Jeff & Teddy,
As usual I had way too much food, we are still eating it! We did have leftover ice cream though, homemade vanilla, that is a nice thing to have left over.
Wythe got lots of new toys, so much that I set some aside and will give them out as he gets bored with what he has.
It was hot, but considering that the East Coast has been under an unusual heatwave it was to be expected. It was quite different than last year though, last year it was rainy and cool, so cool we had jackets on. We did get a break in the heat though, it probably didn't even hit 90 that day which was a break from the 100's we have been having.

the birthday boy

Ainsley and granddaddy

Wythe trying out a new toy

Wythe's cake - I made it at about 1AM that morning

We had practiced blowing out the candle but when the time came the pressure was too much!

Sunday Mom & Dad were here. Dad and Peter worked on the addition, getting more done in the area that used to have a wall. That evening we went to see the fireworks up in Sperryville. Wythe walked all over that place, he was on the go. It always amazes me how he will just take off and doesn't seem to care if we follow! At one point I was walking around with him and he made his way over to the dance floor that was set up by the stage. At that point there were some ladies doing the Electric Slide, he was mesmerized! After that I couldn't drag him away, he wanted to dance!  I let him stay out there for a while but when I finally took him away he fell apart! I was hoping that the kiddos wouldn't be scared of the fireworks, fortunately they weren't. Wythe really liked them for a while, saying "WOW, oh wow!" every time they went off. But after a bit he got bored and wanted to walk around. Ainsley was laying on a blanket and seemed entranced by them, until she fell asleep. Yes, she actually fell asleep during the fireworks, she put her arm over her eyes and conked out! The kids did really well considering that it was way past their bedtime! Aside from almost being backed over by a most likely drunk driver....the evening was lots of fun! That incident happened when we were walking to our car, everyone was lined up in rows out in the field. As we were walked behind a small SUV he started slowly backing up, we really couldn't move because of people in front of us and a car beside us. My mom and I started banging on the back of the vehicle and a bunch of people starting yelling. The vehicle rolled back into us and the stroller but didn't hurt anything. I don't know where the guy thought he was going since there was a car right behind him. But fortunately no one was hurt, Wythe started screaming but I think we was just scared from all the yelling. I was carrying Ainsley, she was asleep, so it was good I didn't have to break out my mommy karate and hurt someone!  hehe...most likely myself...

Wythe & Ainsley watching the fireworks

Ainsley fell asleep watching the fireworks

Today mom and dad left in the afternoon. Wythe had a great day playing with his new toys. Ainsley joined in by trying out the Tonka dump truck. Everyone was having fun til Wythe tried to sit on Ainsley's lap, she was sitting in the back of the dump truck, that didn't work too well!

Ainsley trying out the new truck

Wythe trying to sit on Ainsley's lap

And now, I'm going to crash...

'til next time...

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