Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reading...Margaret George

Since we signed up for Netflix we have been catching up on some of the shows that most people are familiar with. Lately we have been watching "The Tudors" series. I have always been fascinated by this period of history and have read many books about it. Watching the series has rekindled my interest so I headed to the library to find some books I hadn't read. And, I found one, a big one, don't know how I didn't see this before...maybe because it looks more like a fixture on the shelf rather than a book.

"The Autobiography of Henry VIII with Notes by His Fool, Will Sommers -A Novel"

The book is almost 1000 pages long and covers the entire reign of Henry VIII. I enjoyed it, but because of the length of the book it became almost burdensome and I found myself eager to be done with it. I would recommend the book as it is one of the only books that covers his whole reign, rather than just the Anne Boleyn era. However, I did have to renew it a couple of times in order to finish reading it, and I am a fast reader. If you are a slow reader you may have to pay a fine to the library in order to finish the book!

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