Saturday, July 17, 2010

More about "Rumblings in DC"...

The website  is cracking me up with their coverage of the "aftermath" of the earthquake. They have posted pictures of the devastation. Pictures posted below, please view with caution, may not be appropriate for small children.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

They have posted quite a few stories about the quake, such as, "Burger Joint offering half-priced milkshakes to commemorate the D.C. quake", "Today, we are all Washingtonians. Pics of DC Earthquake Devastation", "7/16 Never Forget" get the idea. I love it when we can laugh at ourselves!

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  1. It was a moment that will live, well at least until the next joke or funny pick of the devastation. I awoke because the train which stops in front of my bedroom was louder than normal. Great moments in metro history! Nice Blog BTW.


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