Sunday, July 11, 2010

Second "2nd" birthday party...

Wythe is a lucky boy, once again he got to have two birthday parties! Wythe's mommy is not sure how long this trend will last! Actually, I'm conflicted, it is kind of a pain to have two different parties yet the logistics of only having one aren't great either. The past two years we have had a birthday party/4th of July party with the neighbors and family. Because it is a holiday weekend a lot of Wythe's friends wouldn't be able to attend that party anyway so it makes sense to have another party the following weekend for Wythe and his buddy.

So, back the the party. Since Wythe's birthday buddy has aquired a sibling in the past month we decided to have the party at their house so that they didn't have to travel. We decided on a beach theme, thinking that we could set up a pool, sprinkler, etc and let the children have fun getting wet outside. Mother Nature got all excited about the water aspect and decided to join in and rain. We didn't get to have a pool party but I wasn't too disappointed because we hadn't had any rain at our house in over 3 weeks! The ground was so dry and I was starting to worry about how much was left in the well! So, we were very happy to see rain despite the party plans.

Fortunately all the kiddos were well and able to attend the party. Wythe and his buddy got lots of fun toys, mainly trucks, which they both love! We gave out sand buckets and beach balls and party favors and I made a sand castle cake for the boys.

birthday cake

Miss Ainsley

birthday boys opening presents

almost time for cake!

singing "Happy Birthday" - the center of attention 

"let's have cake!"

"hurry, hurry...we want cake!!"

birthday cake with candles


"Where did my cake go??"

'til next time...

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