Saturday, August 13, 2011

Winning more "Best Parent" awards

Because we are really good parents we took our kids out for ice cream at the local ice cream joint.

Because we are really on-top-of-our-game-parents we looked at each other and said "where is our son's ice cream?"

(note that we asked about the ice cream and not our son)

Because we are really observant parents we saw that our son was watching the little puppets in the window along with 4000 other little children and that his bowl of ice cream was on the ground amongst 8000 little feet. Occasionally we would lose sight of him as he ducked down to get another bite of ice cream.

Because we are really, really great parents we were watching and marveling over the fact that none of the 8000 kiddie feet seemed to be stepping in W's ice bowl and it took us awhile to  realize that our daughter had left us and adopted another family. She either wanted another family or their ice cream but either way the rejection was real.  And it hurt.  She had apparently spotted her new family, gone to their table and upon being unable to make her wishes known had climbed up onto the table and was sitting there staring at them.

There sat this poor family just trying to enjoy their ice cream and they were at a complete loss at what to do with this almost two year old who obviously needed a family. I removed her from the table, apologized to the family but they wouldn't make eye contact with me.

We definitely won some parenting awards that night.

'til next time...

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