Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Irene, Goodbye Irene

Irene was very good to us.  Very considerate of her to stay to the east and only give us lovely rain and brief power outages.

Since we are more "mountain dwellers" rather than "beach dwellers" we usually weather hurricanes fairly well. But since we are surrounded by trees any combination of wind and rain can cause power outages. We lose power a lot, we lose power if someone coughs.  So, I prepared for Hurricane Irene. I filled water containers so that we could flush toilets if we had no power.  I bought some food that didn't have to be cooked, things like that.

But for the most part the storm stayed away from us. We even went to a "Hurricane party" last night, hoping the weather wouldn't take a turn for the worse while we were out. We headed home about 10pm and it was rainy and windy with some branches and debris on the road but no more so than you get with a bad thunderstorm.

Our power went out a little after midnight. Which would be convenient except that my kiddos are afraid of the dark so they were not please to not have their nightlight.  I have a battery powered night light somewhere but in my foggy state I couldn't remember where. At one point as I sat on the hardwood floor beside my son's bed, rubbing his feet, trying to reassure him, I started to regret the pitcher of Hurricane's we had celebrated with.

But the power came back on, the sun came up and today is a beautiful day!  The weather is always so pretty after a hurricane, I have always thought it is Mother Natures way of apologizing and making peace with us.

Off to enjoy the breezy, sunny, blue sky day....hope everyone up North stays safe! 

Hey Irene, be gentle with New York City!

'til next time...

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