Thursday, August 18, 2011

We love Ratatouille...the movie and the food!

My son loves the movie Ratatouille, which is nice because I share the feeling and that makes it more tolerable watching the same movie 139,639 times.

As some of you know my children are adverse to  eating vegetables, to the point that they have never willing ingested a vegetable.  I decided that I would use the plethora of vegetables in the garden and create the dish Ratatouille from the movie, hopefully tempting my son to eat it.

I did not grow eggplant this year so I had to buy that but aside from the eggplant the most of the ingredients came out of our garden.

To make the ratatouille I used a recipe form Smitten Kitchen, the link is below. I'm sure their recipe is delicious as is but I did add more herbs, I added basil and oregano from my garden. I added some of the herbs to the tomato puree and sprinkled the rest on top. 

I did not have a mandoline slicer so I sliced the vegetables by hand, it would have been prettier if I had had the slicer, more uniform.

I liked his idea of serving the ratatouille with couscous and a dollop of goat cheese, we tried that and it was delicious!

"ratatouille's ratatouille" recipe

Here is what mine looked like.

And I was mistaken, my son wouldn't touch it, but we sure scarfed it down!

'til next time...

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