Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This morning I woke up and thought "yesterday we had an big deal"   It may because I was kind of in a brain fog due to the fact my son slept even less than usual.  He kept complaining of being scared of the "thunder and shaking".  I don't know if he was feeling the aftershocks or just remembering the earthquake from that afternoon. Regardless of the reason he was scared, which means he didn't sleep, which means I didn't sleep, which means I have spent quality time with my coffee cup today.

Later in the afternoon I took the kids to the store to do some grocery shopping. As we went through the store I could hear different people talking about the earthquake and I was feeling rather nonchalant about it, earthquake-smearthquake...     Then I heard a rumbling, the rumbling was growing louder and I felt a slight vibration, I admit I started to panic. I looked frantically around noting that I was near the lawn and garden exit, I scooped up my son and pulling my daughter in the cart I started half running half walking towards the exit. Just then I saw several employees rolling a large cart carrying a display.  I was running in fear from a display. Nice.   Of course as soon as I saw that I stopped put my son down and tried to act completely normal. Not sure exactly what I said probably something mature like "son, don't run away from mommy, I don't want to chase you through the store..."   I would like to say I have never unjustly blamed my kids for my embarrassment but I am human.

So, apparently I am still a little "shook" up.  But now it is time to stop thinking about earthquakes and start thinking about hurricanes.  Hello Irene!

'til next time...

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