Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Addition update - "to do lists"

I am an obsessive list maker.

I make lists of lists.

I make incredibly detailed lists but sometimes it is necessary in order for me to function.

My husband doubts the need for all these lists, or rather, he doubts the need for the detail of the lists.
Peter (skeptical look on his face): "I doubt you really need to put 'breathe' on your list."
Me:  "Is that something you want to risk?"

But in all fairness to me and my list obsession, in the 2 years and 5 months that we have been working on this addition project I have never made a to-do list for it.

Now we all know why this project isn't completed.

I decided to make a list and try to figure out  in what order things need to be accomplished. I sat down and wrote down room by room the things that still need to be done. I came up with 151 items left to do but I had a feeling I was probably missing something. When my hubby looked over the list he had some corrections to make, things like having the plumbing inspection BEFORE installing the tile! Good catch honey! We ended up with 165 items on our to-do list, I'm sure we will think of something to add but for now we have some direction.

This past weekend we really didn't accomplish anything on the addition, we mainly sat around and worked on the to-do list.  It was far less physically taxing than the normal weekend, we may do that more often.

And, I just thought of something to add to the list.

'til next time...

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