Thursday, April 29, 2010

my budding chef...

OK, that is probably an overstatement, I can't really claim that my son is a budding chef but he has been helping out in the kitchen a little bit.

The first time he "cooked" was back in February. Mom and Dad were coming up to watch the kiddos and Wythe made dinner for them. I had the ingredients set out in bowls and let him assemble them into the pan, he really enjoyed that.

Of course he is more than willing to help with the clean up as well as the food prep.

Then we have some days where he is really excited about making something and not so happy with the result. I'm sure every cook can relate to that.

"mmm...I'm making pancakes for breakfast!  I love pancakes!!!"

"what is this???  pancakes??? I don't want pancakes!!!"

'til next time...

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