Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter egg hunt...

the most adorable children!
We spent Easter with our neighbors as we have the past several years. We had a yummy brunch and an egg hunt at their house that morning. Our sweet neighbor put together great baskets for Wythe and Ainsley, they even got Peter Rabbit books!

The egg hunt was conducted mainly by the parents with token participation by the children. Our neighbors helped their daughter collect eggs, we helped Wythe find eggs and tried to convince him to pick them up and put them in the basket. A couple of times we succeeded but he was mainly interested in picking up the eggs and throwing them. Quite a few were thrown into the pasture by a little boy who shall remain unnamed. I'm sure it confused the horses the next day, I mean, how often to you have brightly colored eggs growing amongst your grass????  I am sure that each year the children will grasp the concept of egg hunting/gathering a little more.

 It was a really fun day and of course the babies were beautiful!  Ainsley was wearing a dress that a dear friend had given her. Wythe was sporting a new suit that I found at the consignment shop, I thought he looked quite dapper. His little dimpled knees were just adorable.  

'til next time...

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