Thursday, April 22, 2010

My weight-lifting program...

The other day I was commenting to my husband about how tired I am when I get home from running errands with the babies. Not only mentally tired from trying to keep my toddler from tearing down the store and trying to keep my baby from screaming at everyone, but physically exhausted.  Typically, I carry both of them in and out of the store, at least until we can find a cart. Although Wythe is old enough to walk it is too difficult to hold his hand and walk while carrying a baby carrier and diaper bag. So, when I got home the other day I decided to find out how much weight I am actually toting around.  We won't talk about my weight which is way over the acceptable limit but will focus on the weight I am actually carrying in my arms.

Wythe - 34 pounds
Ainsley in the carrier - 29 pounds
diaper bag/kitchen sink - 10 pounds (more or less)

Grand total = 73 pounds

When the kids are grown I will qualify for a job as a pack mule or Sherpa.

'til next time...

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