Monday, July 2, 2012

The garden finally produces...

It was that moment when all your work seems to be worth it....the moment when you pick the first vegetables of the season from your garden. 
the first harvest of 2012

There is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables for dinner!  This meal included beans and one tomato from our garden, the rest of the food was from the farmers market. 
I love summer meals!
 I got a late start on planting this year because I decided to change the location of the the garden. Our property is mostly shaded, finding enough sunshine for the garden is difficult so we decided to move it closer to the house.  As this location is one of the few spots we actually have grass growing we were reluctant to plow up that lovely green stuff. My husband had the idea of digging up the sod and relocating it to the back yard.  It was a good idea and it was nice to have instant grass in the back yard but it was tedious work. My husband spent many, many hours of quality time with a shovel digging up three strips of grass for my new garden.  We are planning to dig up three more  sections but will probably wait till the weather cools down some. 

laying out new garden location
digging up the sod

deciding where to plant

Wythe helping to lay out the garden

planting seeds

I didn't get a single sour cherry off of our tree this year, the crows mobbed the tree before I could get to it.  Usually, they don't start messing with the cherries till they start to ripen and if I spray the cherries before they are red I can harvest most of them.  But this year, not a single one.  I knew I hated crows, and not only because they walk more than they fly. 

I did get to pick some bramble berries though.  The kids wanted to help but quickly discovered than picking berries isn't near as fun as it looks. After a couple times of becoming completely entangled in thorns they decided they had had enough. 
first picking of the wild berries this year

The garden has really taken off now.  Judging by the amount of beans I am getting I will need to start canning soon.

Fingers crossed for a good harvest this year!

boxwood basil
'til next time...

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