Sunday, June 24, 2012

The joy of moving without actually moving...

If you take a vacation but don't go anywhere they call is a "stay-cation" so what to you call it when you move but don't go anywhere? A "stay"?  Instead of "we've moved" would you just say "we've stayed"?

Anyway, that is what we have done.  We packed up our house, moved it out to the garage, drove to Georgia, came home and moved the furniture back in the house.  All the other stuff is still out in the garage.


Yes, we have been home for a few weeks but I still don't have my act together.

Shocking, I know.

I have brought some things back in, essentials like the coffee pot, pots and pans and baking dishes.     My family insists upon eating.....every-single-day. They are very demanding.

When we got home from Georgia our house looked like this.

We really liked how open and big the house felt.  We were tempted to convert to true minimalism and get rid of all our belongings. But after a few days of sitting on the hardwood floors we fell back in love with furniture.

Before we could move stuff back into the house we had a bit of cleaning to do. Everything was coated in dust so we had to wash everything down.  Our dishes had a fine coating of dust too but we have just been cleaning those as we go along. "Pull everything out of kitchen cabinets and pantry, clean all items, clean shelves"  is still on my endless to-do list.  It will probably stay there for awhile.

This is what all the walls looked like.

Ainsley helping to wash walls. She did a good job on the area 36" from the floor.

So, to all the people who have asked "are you excited to be finished with the addition?" the answer is...we are not finished.

Close...but not done.

We have to finish staining the toe molding so that we can install that in the addition. (at some point we will have to quit calling it "the addition")  I still have to move/unpack/find a home for the stuff we hid in the garage. And in order to have the house put back together I have to paint/decorate both kids rooms, paint the dining room (and buy furniture) and paint the living room.

We aren't quite ready to pop open that bottle of champagne....but that day will come!

'til next time...

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