Thursday, July 26, 2012

There is nothing like a good soak...

This past winter the new bathroom in our addition was complete.  Even though this gorgegous soaking tub was ready to use it remained dry.  We would walk to our new bathroom and admire the open shower, the tub, the copper sink.  But the bathroom for the most part remained unused. 

For my part, I wanted to wait until we were actually moved into our new bedroom.  I was afraid that if I started using the ammenities we would never finish this project. At this begininng of last month we moved into the long awaited new bedroom.  It was an exhasuting, exciting time. But still we barely used the new bathroom, instead we kept using the old bath.  My excuse was that I had not yet moved my toiletries into the new bath and therefore it made sense to stick with the old bath.   My husband was the first brave one, he started taking showers in the open shower, the fact that we don't have blinds on the window did not bother him.  I admit I was a scaredy-cat, I was worried that after all this work and all this time I might not like our new bathroom.  It was easier to not use it and pretend everything would be wonderful.  

But one day I decided to take a bath, I started running water in the hour later my bath was ready.  I then realized a few things;
one - I was going to love this tub
two - if we had to pay for our water by the gallon I would only be able to use the tub once a year.  
three - if we are in a drought there probably will not be enough water in the well to fill the tub

Since that initial soak it has become a guilty pleasure of mine. And since it takes so much water and so long to fill up I figure it would be foolish to take a quick bath, instead, this tub merits a long, long soak. The kind of soak that requires a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine and a good book to read. 

As I told my husband, "this tub eases the pain of the past three years!"

'til next time...

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