Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Italian Rose bean

This year I am trying to grow a few different varieties of vegetables.  One of the beans I am growing is called Italian Rose. 

The Italian Rose bean is a bush bean that typically is a high yielding plant with red and tan colored pods.  This is a beautiful bean to grow, it looks pretty in the garden and on your plate.  

When I first started harvesting the bean I liked the color but wasn't as happy about the texture and taste.  Then I realized that you are really supposed to eat the beans and not the pods.  

This is just another example of why I cannot be called a gardener despite having many garden beds.  


Moving on....
After chewing my way through most of the Italian Rose pods I finally discovered the joy of the Italian Rose bean.....tasty!   I will definitely be planting these again next year.    

In case you are wondering, the pods really aren't bad either they just aren't very tender.  If you pick them early they are delicious eaten as a whole bean but the coloring isn't as pronounced. If you wait till the color is really pretty then that bean is tougher.  So, another gardening lesson learned.

'til next time...

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