Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reading...Elswyth Thane...

Judging by my blog entries I haven't read a book since March of this year.


I consistently read a book a week so I think I forgot to mention a few.  I cannot tell you what I have read since March,  I could figure out some by looking at my bookshelves and library history but let me just back track to the past month or so.

I had an urge to reread for the umpteenth time the Williamsburg novels by Elswyth Thane.  I have been reading these books for so many years that I cannot tell you how many times I have read them.

There are seven books in the series,
  - Dawn's Early Light, set in the Revolutionary War era 1774-1781
  - Yankee Stranger, set in the Civil War era 1860-1865
  - Ever After, set in 1896-1899
  - The Light Heart, set in 1902-1917
  - Kissing Kin, set in 1917-1934
  - This Was Tomorrow, set in 1934-1938
  - Homing, set in 1938-1941

If you have never read this series it is well worth your time to track them down, the library used to have them, I do not know if they still carry the books.  I have started to collect a second set to pass down to one of my children.  I still hope and pray that they will have the same love for books, especially old books, that I have.

'til next time...


  1. Hi Melanie! I stumbled across your blog over from Facebook and saw your post about Elswyth Thane books and had to comment! I finally found someone who LOVES these books as much as I do! I have read the series so many times I've lost count. My favorites are the ones with settings in England, probably The Light Heart being my all time favorite. Anyway, now that I found your blog I'll check back often! Hope you're doing well, Stacy Payton

    1. Stacy, how neat to hear from you!
      I do love these books, I find that when I get to the end of the series I want to start again at the beginning. I'm never sure which one is my favorite. When I am reading them I think "this is definitely my favorite"....then the next book "no, this one is my favorite..." Except Homing, I don't enjoy that book at much. I think it may be because I know the series is coming to an end. Growing up I enjoyed the first couple books the most because I would walk around Williamsburg pretending like I was part of the story. The older I got the more I enjoyed the ones set in England.
      Take care, Melanie

  2. I too am a huge Thane fan, having been introduced to her books by my mother when I was a teen. I found a few converts last winter when Downton Abbey was on PBS:

    Like you, Homing is my least favorite. I am not a huge fan of Kissing Kin either; I think because Camilla's crush on Sally's beau is somewhat creepy. I also love From This Day Forward and Tryst.

  3. I agree, I never fully understood Camilla's crush and often feel frustrated with her when reading that book. However, Sally's advice to Camilla right before her death is one of my favorite passages in the whole series. It begins with "Always remember that happiness and love need not die till you do...."

    I cannot remember the details of Tryst, I guess that means it is time to read it again. I took a quick peak at your website and saw many books to add to my read list, I'm looking forward to exploring it more!



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