Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Addition update - tile woes

Previously I mentioned that I was going to pick out the tile for the  bathroom. I actually found a tile that I liked and was affordable. Affordable meaning we only have to sell off one child.

We picked out the tile, decided on tile patterns, picked out the accent pieces, grout etc.  Next step was having their guy come out to do the actual measurements. We were excited, thinking that maybe we could have the tile installed within a few weeks.

However, when the estimator got here he immediately started throwing cold water on our plans.  The first thing he said was that our bathroom was too small to do an open shower.  Now, this bathroom has been entirely designed around the concept of an open shower, that is not something we want to change. He kept telling me that when they do open showers the shower area is about the size of our entire bathroom.  I explained to him that we are aware of the fact that we may get some water spray on the tub and toilet but that is why we were water proofing the entire room. He continued to state that the area was too small for an open shower.  I am convinced he has never been to Europe. You could fit about 6 European bathrooms in our bathroom, and they have the open shower concept. The conversation ended with him saying we could do an open shower if we wanted to but that their company would not do the work unless we put a shower enclosure in.

So, now we are back to finding tile and an installer.  I am pretty sure that we can get the tile we liked from another source, we just have to do some more leg work.

'til next time...

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