Monday, October 10, 2011

Addition update - making progress and tearing down walls

My husband tells me we are making "progress" on the addition.
That led to one of those discussions that goes "well....what do you think the word "progress" means?

"What do you mean?  I know what "progress" means, what do you think it means?"

"Oh, I know what it means, I'm just wondering if you know what it means."

"Oh, I do know, but maybe you know of a different definition.  What is your definition?"

"The only definition I know of is the one in the dictionary.  Do you know of a different one?"

"Well, let's look it up because I think we have different definitions of the word."

Webster is a very important component of our marriage.
My husband and I don't always have the same definition of progress but basically he was right, we are making progress.  Just doesn't feel like it though when you are tearing out walls and doors that you had already finished installing.

This is what the wall in the addition did look like. Door on the left is to the bathroom, door on the right is to the closet. The closet was painted and trim installed, we only needed to have the floors done and install the closet shelves/racks.

Then, my husband took the closet door off.  Progress.

Then the wall starting coming out. More progress.
"Wow, this is fun tearing out Sheetrock that we already spent a lot of time installing/mudding/priming/painting!"
Now we can see through the closet into the bathroom, maybe we should have a connecting closet -bathroom?

So, all this demolition of the wall was done in order to put this beast in it's place...

...the cabinet that we drove to Leesburg 64,000 times to look at, remember that?  

But now we are back to the "progressing" part.  The cabinet has been installed in the opening in the bathroom, the wall has been framed in around it and Sheetrock has been reinstalled.  Now we are working on mudding the sheet rock to get it ready to be primed and to be able to reinstall the door to the closet.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that along with tearing out the bathroom/closet wall we also had to move the closet door over about 5 inches which required moving the electricity and light switch too.  And we wonder why this 6 month project has been going on over 2 years...

But yes, progress is being made.

Mainly in the form of one step forward, ten steps back.

'til next time...

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