Saturday, July 16, 2011

County Fair

Our County Fair takes place each July. It is a pretty small fair but draws some good exhibits and shows.  This year they had a lion and tiger show.  The way it was set up you were only about 12 feet from the wild beasts, so that was pretty neat.  The handlers talked about the animals and put them through their paces, mainly getting up and down off of their stools and also jumping through rings.

The white Bengal tiger was beautiful!

This lion was only two years old and this was his first Fair performance.

He was a little lazy and had to be encouraged.

and the cutest of all.....a tiger cub!

Wythe wanted to ride the train ride.  He was a little nervous about it but felt brave with daddy along.

My future 4-H girl enjoyed the animals, she gets so excited over animals!

Wythe was rather taken with the rabbits,,,perhaps there will be bunnies in our future.

and who doesn't like baby goats???  They are just too cute!

And to make the Fair even better Wythe ran into a couple friends...

We went one evening and watched the rodeo and then went back another night to the Aaron Tippen concert.   I usually try to enter some things in the fair, this year I submitted a couple photos, jam and baked goods.  I won 2nd place for my cookies, 2nd place for my peach preserves and got "thanks for participating" on the photos!   I was glad to get some more 2nd place ribbons, but so far that 1st Place ribbon is eluding me....maybe next year!

'til next time...

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