Sunday, July 24, 2011

Addition update

My hardworking husband was pouring a layer of concrete in what will hopefully one day be a shower basin.

You may have noticed that recently I have been giving more detail about the work we are doing on this addition project.  You may think this is because I think there is someone out there that is actually interested in this. I am actually trying to preserve some information to pass on to our children since they will be probably be the ones finishing this project....long after we are dead and gone.   Or locked up in a nursing home somewhere.  

Not a pleasant thought.

Note to self - give kids extra treats tomorrow, remind them what a great mom I am...

In fairness to us, we have gotten somewhat motivated recently and have made progress.  Maybe this won't be our version of Notre Dame after all.   Maybe.

So, Peter is working on the shower basin. He mistakenly thinks that I am going to keep the kids out of there, away from the wet concrete, and far enough away to not distract him.  But, the way I see it I pretty much have the joy of their company 24/7 so I think it is important for them to get some "daddy time".  

Besides, how many times in life do you have the opportunity to set up your train, watch daddy play in cement and empty an entire box of screws all in your own house?

'til next time...

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