Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little boy's 3rd birthday party

This year we held Wythe's birthday party on the holiday weekend and combined it with a July 4th party. We had a few neighbors and friends over to celebrate.  The weather cooperated by staying dry until we were finished eating, then the skies opened up and drowned all of our decorations!

Per Wythe's request we had a Thomas the Tank Engine theme birthday.  I decided to make him a Thomas cake. I considered making cupcakes and also considered making a cake and putting a Thomas train on top of it but in the end decided to do it the hard way and make a train shaped cake.  After countless attempts and several cakes tossed in the trash I finally had something that would work. When Wythe saw it his little face lit up and he yelled "THOMAS!!!" ....mission accomplished.

'til next time...

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