Friday, June 5, 2009

First road trip with baby...(Part 4)

Sunday – And again, we were up way too early; we did get to see the sun rise over the water each morning, which was beautiful! Once again we went for a drive, we drove down some pretty roads, and to Boone Hall Plantation. We didn’t tour the Plantation, I have actually been there before, it is absolutely beautiful but it is also pricey and I didn’t want to take Wythe in and then have to leave right away. We also went to Starbucks again, Wythe had breakfast while I enjoyed some caffeine. Then we stopped at one of those beachy tourist shops to get a souvenir. Wythe got a little tee shirt and we bought daddy a hat. After that we headed back to the house where most everyone was up and about. That afternoon was just a very relaxing, enjoyable afternoon.

We spent lots of time sitting on the porch, visiting with family, Wythe continuing to be his charming self! The house was just so pretty that it was fun to just sit and enjoy!

We also spent more time in the pool; Wythe was really enjoying the water!

I took him down to the ocean to get some more pictures of him by the water. I wasn’t sure it the waves coming in would scare him or not so I set him down on the sand right at the edge where the water would come up to his legs. He watched the water for a little bit and then when the water came up to him he just started splashing in it, wasn’t scared at all.

"Wythe contemplating the ocean"
"come back water...where did you go?"

"ooo..this feels funny on my feet"

Although, he did decide that he likes to eat sand. I thought that surely after the first taste he would realize it is not good but he must think it is yummy because he continued to shovel it into his mouth. I kept scraping the sand out and he would put another handful in so I took him back to the house to clean him up.
"yummy...sand, my own sand buffet"

Wythe's sand moustache

That evening we had the birthday party for Wythe’s aunt; she was the reason for this whole celebration after all! We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner, prepared by another aunt, and then had an evening of singing and stories.
Wythe showing off his an adoring crowd of course!

"if no one will get me a soda I'll get one myself.."

Wythe got to accompany the singing by playing the drums, I’m sure he thought everyone was singing especially for him!
Wythe on the drums...

Monday – That morning we got up, ate breakfast and started packing to go home. It would have been nice to stay a couple more days but daddy was really missing us. As much as Wythe was enjoying all this attention I think it was also wearing him out, he was starting to get a little cranky. We got packed up, said our goodbyes and got on the road. I knew that this trip home could be difficult, and it was. We were both so tired and poor Wythe was just miserable, he cried and cried, was just really out of sorts. We had to make some extra stops and once again I was reminded how South Carolina doesn’t believe in changing tables, not even the rest stops have them, so Wythe got his diaper changed in the grass quite a few times. My neck and back got all messed up from twisting around in my seat while driving to hold a bottle or pacifier in his mouth, needless to say we were both eager to get home! We made it home a little after 9 that evening, after 11 hours on the road. Wythe was so happy to see his daddy and to be out of his car seat! It was a great trip though and we are really glad we went and survived our first road trip!

‘til next time…

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