Friday, June 5, 2009

First road trip with a baby...(Part 2)

Friday – Wythe was up several times in the night and at about 5:30 I finally gave up trying to get him back to sleep. We sat on the floor in our room and played with his toys and watched TV. The house had cable so there was several cartoon channels. Between TV and toys I was able to keep him quiet for about an hour. Then we headed downstairs to fix something for breakfast, which Wythe ate out on the porch.

After breakfast I took Wythe down on to the beach just so he could stick his feet in the sand for the first time. He got to sit for a few minutes in the beach chairs we had set up on the beach.

I didn’t have him dressed for the water so I didn’t want him really playing in it. I just stood him up in the sand and then let him stand in the surf while he got his feet wet.

I tried to take a few pictures of us together out there but was having some trouble pointing the camera in the right direction!

He also got to check out a hammock for the first time, at first I think it scared him but then he seemed to enjoy it.

Later than afternoon we got in the swimming pool. It was Wythe’s first time in a pool; he did really well! At first he wasn’t too sure about it but before long he was splashing around and trying to drink the water. A friend of ours loaned us an inflatable ring that has a sunshade on it. After playing in the water for a while I decided to try out the ring. At first I didn’t like it at all, it seemed really unstable and he kept tipping to the side. Then I realized that I had only inflated one ring, not both…hmmm…details, details! It is amazing how much better it worked once I was using it properly! It worked out really well; it allowed him to spend more time in the pool without being in the sun the whole time.

By later that afternoon he was absolutely worn out, being in a new place, swimming, seeing all these people, I’m sure his brain was on overload! He was exhausted but wouldn’t or couldn’t settle down, I tried everything to get him to sleep and nothing would work. Finally I took him down to the porch, put him in the hammock and started swinging him, after about a half an hour he fell asleep. He looked soooo sweet sleeping in the hammock!

That night most of the house was going into Charleston for dinner but since it was going to be a late night a few of us stayed home. We ordered pizza and had a relaxing night in.

'til next time...

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