Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addition update...

At this point in the project there is visible progress each day, that makes it so much more interesting. Pretty soon, the visible progress will drastically slow once we move on to electrical, pluming, etc. But for now it is nice! All the walls got put up and Peter started on the roof.

Wythe supervising

At first Peter was worried that the trusses wouldn’t work since they were a couple of inches too short. He didn’t want to re-order the trusses and lose the money already put into them so we briefly contemplated (once again) putting a 2nd story on the house. He went down and talked to the county and they said that we would need to submit detailed floor plans to get the approval for the 2nd story. We worked the plans that evening and as much as having more space seemed appealing the task of deciding in one evening where every window, wall, door, washer, dryer, etc. would go was daunting. You can’t decide on a floor plan in a couple of hours that will work for years to come, so…we went back to the original plan on just having one level. Peter talked to an engineer and was able to make the trusses work so we didn’t have to reorder them after all! This past weekend he got a lot of the trusses put up, with the help of a neighbor, and he has continued working on it this week.

When working by himself he has used bungee cords to assist him in setting the trusses, always creative!

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