Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blueberry Season

It is a good thing we don’t have to live off of what I grow! Although my blueberry bushes are now producing berries it is apparent that you would need more than 2 bushes to provide more than a snack. I will say that the berries this year were large and very flavorful and the most amazing part is that the raccoons didn’t eat them before I got them!

This will not be a very productive growing year for me. After weeks of procrastination I managed to wait too long to put my vegetable garden in. Last year we had decided that we would not put another garden in until we could fence the area in. Every year we have the constant battle of keeping the wildlife out of the garden. Last year the entire garden was wiped out in one night. It was apparently a planned attack considering that deer, bear and raccoons we all involved. In one night we lost everything, all the plants were stripped and trampled to the ground. After months of tending the garden it is frustrating to lose it all; which is why we decided to fence it in this year. However, this year we are busy with the addition and fencing a garden spot is low on the priority list. I did think about planting a few tomato and pepper plants but as previously mentioned, i was successful in waiting too long. I honestly don’t have the energy this summer to take care of a garden. Maybe if I was a pioneer woman and my family’s life depended on the food I could grow then I would find a way to do it. But since that isn’t our only food source then I will use the excuse of having one baby and one on the way to take a break from gardening this year!

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