Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let there be eggs.....

A chicken laid an egg.   Finally.

Whenever I start a new flock I get to that point when I start threatening the hens by reciting chicken recipes unless they start producing.  But one hen is now safe from the stew pot, or at least been given a temporary reprieve.

"The $375 Egg"

No, my chickens do not lay golf balls.  My husband wishes they would, he would be much happier with my chickens if they produced useful things like golf balls.

The egg is a light tan color and very small.  Based on its size I believe it may be from my Egyptian Fayoumis hen but I'll be able to confirm that later when more hens are laying.  You can see how small the egg is compared to the golf ball next to it.

Of course, we cannot eat this egg.  This egg has cost us approximately $375, so it is hard to justify putting it down our gullet.    I guess we will just stare at it or possibly invite people over to see the $375 egg.  Maybe we can charge admission.

'til next time...


  1. How exciting! And what beautiful chickens they are...
    Is the golf ball just there for size comparison, or does it somehow help encourage egg laying?

    1. The golf ball is supposed to encourage the hens to lay eggs in that location. We are hoping to train them to lay in the nesting boxes. They tend to lay where other eggs are so I guess this is to trick them. Last time we had a few hens that wold lay eggs in the boxes but then a bunch of them just dropped eggs everywhere, it was challenging collecting the eggs. Hopefully they cooperate a little more this time!


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