Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last gasp of summer...

The other day the temperature was in the 60's and all I could think about was warm food, apples, soups.  But the past few days have been warm and I've been trying to enjoy those last tomatoes off the vine.  

There are still a few peaches and nectarines at the Farmers Market but we are at the end of that season. This year I tried a couple new recipes using peaches and nectarines for dessert. One of our favorites was from Aiden at Conjugating Irregular Verbs.  This recipe for poached nectarines was absolutely delicious and I look forward to using it again next summer!  I didn't have as many nectarines so I cut mine in half to serve, her picture of the whole nectarines looks even prettier. 

Poached nectarines in Herbes de Provence with simple syrup

The simple syrup definitely makes this a dessert fruit and is a perfect end to a summer meal.  Head on over to Aiden's blog to check out the recipe, click here for the link.

'til next time...

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