Friday, September 21, 2012

Eggs, eggs, eggs...

A week or so ago I posted that we had finally gotten our first egg.  I also explained that we couldn't eat it because it was worth about $375.  (you can read about that here)

It was odd but nobody rushed to our door in an attempt to buy the $375 egg.  But I have good new for those that may have been discouraged by the high price.  Due to the fact we have received about 3 dozen eggs I can now offer you a deal.  Instead of one single egg at $375 you can purchase one dozen eggs for a mere $125.00.  Deals like this don't come along everyday so hurry before they are gone!

nothing like fresh eggs...

As a special deal to my local friends we are offering a deal of $3.00 per dozen. However, quantities are very limited at this point so you better place your orders now!

'til next time...


  1. I love your pastel eggs! Do to foxes and one very naughty dog we lost all our Americanas before they were old enough to lay eggs. May try again next spring. Your eggs are beautiful!!

    1. Oh that's sad! Even though they don't have the production that other chickens have they are worth adding to the flock! I love the colors, so far this year I'm seeing mainly green but with my last flock I had blue, green and a peachy-pink color.


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