Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo summary of trip to Georgia (with a few captions)

Last month we took a trip to Georgia for a family reunion. We were celebrating a wedding, graduation, retirement and lots of birthdays. It was a fun, crazy busy time, too many things to write about but here a few pictures from our trip. 

Sumter, South Carolina - visiting some old friends. Wythe, being a good guest by relocating the sand to the back porch. It is a way to remember us when we are gone. 

Wythe enjoying seeing his friend again.

The three stooges reunited.

Miss Ainsley trying out the pensive look.

Ainsley and her friend at Swan Lake.

Checking out the turtles...

Athens, Georgia - Ainsley in front of a beautiful courtyard at a stunning house. 

"Wythe, do not push your sister in the river!"

This house was absolutely beautiful. The courtyard and gardens were amazing! In my dreams I will one day have this view out of my bedroom window.

Wythe, already having too much vacation.

I want this statue. 

Taking Wythe on a quiet time walk, one of many.  But the scenery was lovely!

Peter having one last moment with the Rightmyer Cup. Sometimes it is so hard to say goodbye!

Peter, relinquishing the Rightmyer Cup to his nephew, the tournament champion and new cup holder.

Wythe getting some billiard tips from his cousin.

Wythe and his first cousin-once-removed. You can tell by their hair they are related. 

Wythe, enjoying a treat from Starbucks before the wedding. 

Ainsley, fueling up for the wedding. 

All but one of the first cousins. 

T, getting his picture taken with some of the girls.

T with his parents, wishing he was back with the girls!

My sister-in-law, no party is complete without her,  and Mr. Bowtie, whom we all adopted into the family. 

A few of the cousins...

Ainsley playing cars with one of her cousins.

Wythe and his cousin. 

The newlyweds, my sister-in-law and her new groom. 

Ainsley with a couple of her aunts. 

This is what you do in the south...sittin' on the porch.

On our way home we stopped in Wytheville, Virginia. We wanted to get some pictures there, for obvious reasons, but there really isn't much to the town. It was the birthplace of First Lady Edith Wilson, other than that it is a small town with very little to see. 

The giant pencil is a landmark...

Skeeter's "World Famous" hot dogs. Supposedly the hot dogs were rated some of the best in the country by Rachael Ray. 

Sorry buddy, we know it isn't all that impressive. But don't worry, you weren't named after the town.

This is another landmark...

Now, you've seen Wytheville, VA.

We stopped in Lexington for lunch, this plaque would have applied to Wytheville.  Don't worry Wytheville, at least we like the name of your town!

'til next time...

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