Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello blog...do you remember me?

For the past half hour I was attempting to "catch up" on my blog, then I realized I was only half way through April and here we are almost midway through June.  I wanted to tell about Easter, my sister's visit, baby chicks, working on the addition, working on the retaining wall, raising chickens, traveling, so many things, so many pictures to share.  I will not be able to document the past two months though I may share a few pictures from these months.

The most exciting news is that we have moved into the addition, into the new master bedroom! The project isn't 100% complete but we are making great progress. We moved the furniture in and now I am working on the despicable task of moving clothes, sorting out junk drawers, sorting/organizing toiletries, it will be so nice to be organized again after these three years of construction chaos!

I am also working on repainting/decorating the living room, dining room, Wythe's room and Ainsley's room. They will soon have their own rooms for the first time, this should be an interesting transition!

my piano room/library

master bedroom

'til next time...

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