Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting your taxes done can be fun.

Most people dread this time of year....the dreaded tax season.  Us, not so much.  We kind of enjoy it.  
It helps that my husband has been using the same guy for years and years, they spend the first half of the appointment visiting and catching up on the previous year. The other reason this is enjoyable is that our tax guy works in Alexandria so we usually spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying Old Town. 

Since spring came so early this year it was very beautiful down by the waterfront. 

"hey sis, let's pick the flowers in the city park! Mom won't be mad if we give her one."

We didn't get a big enough tax return for this car.  Wythe wanted to take a ride in it, when I explained it was someones car he corrected me, "that's not a car, that is a toy."   "You are right buddy, that is called a grown up's toy."

Enjoying a treat....Wythe had asked to get a crepe but settled for a croissant instead. I do sometimes wonder what kind of monster I have created. 

"Oh look, the Eiffel Tower!!!"


"are we in Paris??"

One day buddy, one day.

"I wanna go too!"

"I'm cross."

Really?  We hadn't noticed.

"I run!"  ...what she does all day long.

Now, we only have to wait 365 days to do it again....

'til next time...

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