Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was having a hard time finding a costume for my son that wasn't "too scary" or didn't have a mask on the face, etc.

Finally one day he said "I want to be a sheep".

I"m not going to lie and pretend that my heart swelled with parental pride.  But at least we had an idea for a costume he wanted to wear.

Of course Walmart and Target didn't have sheep costumes so I was either going to have to order one online (at a ridiculous price) or make it myself.

I opted for making one, after all, how hard could it be?

I found an idea online that looked to be "easy" and claimed to be a 2 hour start to finish project.  Basically it consisted of using a onesie and tacking batting onto it for the "woolly" look.

Simple, right?  

I'm sure you can read the sarcasm and have correctly guessed that it wasn't a two hour project.

The "tacking" took a lot longer than anticipated. In order to get the right look you had to bunch it up and stitch it every inch or so, took a lot longer than two hours...  I also had an issue because they don't have onesies for my son's size. So I had to make one using an old tee shirt.

After many hours of stabbing my fingers with the needles and getting the batting stuck on my fingers and catching on the skin around my fingernails....finally the costumes were all stitched together.

Did I mention this was all times two?  Since my son was going to be a sheep I decided to do the same for my daughter.

I tried the costumes on my kids, or rather, I tried to TRY the costumes on my kids. But couldn't even get them on, I hadn't accounted for the batting taking the stretch out of the onesie, so now it was too small.  So I ruthlessly ripped and separated the batting in the back, cut open the onesie and sewed it a few snaps. Once they had the costume on I just meshed the batting back together using my fingers.

To finish off the costume I used a white knit hat and sewed on "ears" made out of felt.

The most important part was the kids were happy with the costumes AND wore the costumes!

Next year I think they will just wear a sheet.

See how cute they were???

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

'til next time...


  1. Mel,
    That last picture is so adorable!

  2. Thank you! I just love it! I love the way you can see his fingers digging into her face, he is really determined to plant that kiss!


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